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We recommend that you contact the owner of this property and work out the details of the sale.  
Site Information
Cemetery Name:Fort Lincoln
Street: 3401 Bladensburg Rd.
City: Washington State: DC Zip:20722
Price:$1500 ea. 3 Sp. 15% Broker
Cemetery Type:Cemetery Plot
Description: Three burial spaces located in Section L, Lot 492, Spaces 1,2, & 3. The owner is asking only $1500 for each space. Grave Solutions co-ops brokerage fee with 15% of the gross selling price to the selling entity. Call owner at 302 945 0557 or call Grave Solutions at 703 742 8136 or 888 742 8046 toll free.


Seller Information
Seller name: James O. & Cynthia S. Gardner
Seller phone number: 302 945 0557
Seller email: csgjog@worldnet.att.net

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