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$65 Appraisal. Grave Solutions will appraise your property and furnish you with a certified written appraisal acceptable to the IRS when you donate your property to a recognized charitable organization. Grave Solutions will fill in the proper numbers and sign IRS form 8283 in the appropriate place. Grave Solutions will furnish with the appraisal, a qualification statement from the appraiser. To order an appraisal call Gravesolutions 888-742-8046.


$59 to Advertise. Your ad runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one year. The ad is interactive. You select a password and the data bank assigns a User ID. With these you can edit or change your ad as often as you like through My Account located on the Home Page.  Advertising only for 3 years is $79, and includes a written appraisal for $89.


$69 to enroll in the Consignment & Brokerage Program. This program advertises your cemetery property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one (1) years. You pay a 20% commission if your property is sold by any sales entity, but you reserve the right to sell your own property and only pay a 5% commission to Grave Solutions for advertising and information services.  Consignment brokerage for 3 (three) years is $79, and includes a written appraisal for $89.


Under development and soon to be offered is a discount program where you can obtain a Discount Certificate from Grave Solutions that you can take to affiliate Cemeteries and receive a discount on Bronze Memorials as well as other merchandise items.


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