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Advertising with Grave Solutions on the Cemetery Property Multi-Listing Data Bank will greatly enhance your opportunity to sell your cemetery property. Grave Solutions is the largest sale by owner company advertising and selling cemetery property in the U.S. and operates the Nations only Cemetery Property Multi-Listing Data Bank.

Placing an ad is only $59. Your ad runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one year. The ad is interactive. You select a password and the data bank assigns a User ID. With these you can edit or change your ad as often as you like through My Account on the home page. Advertising for 3 years is $79, or until sold including a a written appraisal for $89.

Placing your property in the Consignment and Brokerage Program is only $69. This ad will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one year. After you enroll, you will be mailed a Consignment & Brokerage Agreement. This requires you to pay a 20% commission if the property is sold for you by any sales entity. When the agreement is returned, a brokerage ad will be placed in addition to your sale by owner ad. You have the right to accept, reject or counter any offer presented. You retain the right to sell the property yourself and only pay a 5% commission to Grave Solutions for advertising and information services.  Consignment & Brokerage for 3 (three) years is $79 or until sold including a written appraisal for $89.

This is the best opportunity available to sell your cemetery property. Let's get started.

The Cemetery Property Multi-listing Program of Grave Solutions will offer to the public the property that is advertised for sale by private owners, the property that is advertised for sale by private owners using a brokerage service, and the property that is advertised for sale by commercial cemeteries. Cemeteries that advertise and participate in the Cemetery Property Multi-Listing Program will most likely be chosen by the consumer if there is an insufficient or inadequate supply of sale by owner or brokered offerings available. 

Enrolling as an affiliate. The fee to enroll as an affiliate is $129 for one year. This includes the placement of the Cemetery ad on the Internet in the same Cemetery Property Multi-Listing data bank as the sale by owner and brokered properties. The ad is interactive and can be edited or changed as frequently as is necessary simply by using the User ID and Password. To enroll as an affiliate, please follow the easy sign up process or contact Grave Solutions. An affiliate relationship does not create any legal relationship to either party, merely a sharing of the information on the Cemetery Property Multi-Listing data bank, and a sharing of commissions in a co-operative sales arrangement.  Contact page.




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