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Buying cemetery burial rights through the Cemetery Property Multi-Listing program of Grave Solutions. 

One of the least pleasant but unavoidable tasks of life is the selection and purchase of cemetery property.  During the past half century the battle cry of cemetery sales and marketing people has been  “Pre Need” or buying in advance of need by pre-planning burial arrangements.  The alternative is buying  “At Need” or at the time of death when the family is least prepared for the selection and decision making process.  All purchases are made with the cemeteries because there was no other market to select from.   Grave Solutions is now developing the first and only secondary market of cemetery property in the United States. This Cemetery Property Multi-Listing Program will feature the resale property that is for sale by owners, the resale property listed with brokers and the commercial offerings of cemeteries that wish to advertise in the Cemetery Property Multi-Listing Program. This gives the consumer the best opportunity to shop and compare in the privacy of their home or office, various locations and options, without the pressure of a commission driven sales representative.

 The advantages of purchasing  “Resale Property”

 1.  Prices are generally much lower than the cemeteries list price or best promotional price.

2.  The perpetual care or endowment care has already been paid by the original purchaser.

3.  Property may be available in choice locations or in gardens that the cemetery has limited inventory or has sold out.

4.  This is the best-kept secret around.  Most cemeteries have a like kind for like kind exchange program. Under this program a person has the right to trade their property from one location to another within the cemetery and only pay the price differential.  A brochure on this subject is available from our product store

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Do you or your family own more cemetery property than you need?  Have you inherited property that you have no idea what to do with?  Have you relocated and have no intention of ever returning to the area where your cemetery property is located, not even for burial. Have you just plain changed your mind about being buried in the cemetery where you own property?

We believe that the Cemetery Property Multi-Listing Program developed by Grave Solutions is your best opportunity to turn your unwanted or unusable property into cash.

Grave Solutions will list your property on the Internet in an easy to find format that will make your property available to over 100 million users, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Most of the 22 thousand Funeral Homes nationwide will have the capability of accessing Grave Solutions and helping families locate cemetery property right from the arrangement room of the funeral home.  Generally, funeral directors are prohibited from recommending cemeteries, but they would have little challenge assisting a family in searching a web site when requested by the family.

Public awareness of Grave Solutions has been enhanced by strategic placement of keywords on Internet search engines. To get started the fee for advertising your property is $59. If you desire brokerage services, you should request an appraisal at the same time as placing the ad for a total fee of $89.  Appraisals by themselves for the purpose of a tax-deductible donation are $49.  To order an appraisal, call Gravesolutions at 888-742-8046 toll free. 

Grave Solutions can provide you with a written appraisal of your cemetery property which can be used with your tax return should you decide to donate your cemetery property to a qualifying charity for a tax-deduction. Included with the appraisal, Grave Solutions will advise of the transfer fees that may be imposed by the cemetery when you transfer cemetery property to a new owner.  Grave Solutions will furnish all necessary forms required by the cemetery when you transfer cemetery property to a new owner.    


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