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We recommend that you contact the owner of this property and work out the details of the sale.  
Site Information
Cemetery Name:Allegheny Cemetery
Street: 4734 Butler
City: Pittsburgh State: PA Zip:15201
Price:$4975 2 Niches 15% Broker
Cemetery Type:Mausoleum
Description: Two Double Niches located in the Temple of Memories Mausoleum. The owner is asking $4975 for these 2 Double Niches. Grave Solutions co-ops brokerage fee with 15% of the gross selling price to the selling entity. Call owner or call Grave Solutions at 703 742 8136 or 888 742 8046 toll free.


Seller Information
Seller name: Robert Grant
Seller phone number: 412 606 2583
Seller email: pittsandg@yahoo.com

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